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Ruff Land™ kennels feature one-piece roto-molded construction from UV-stabilized polyethylene. This means no assembly and no bolt-through ledge (as on two-piece kennels) which saves up to 3 inches of side space. It also makes for a much stronger kennel. And, because there are no seams, it is also much easier to clean. Finally, a Ruff Land Kennel won’t crack even in extreme subzero weather. For more information, please visit

Here's How to Order:

There is one form below for  the standard colors – Whitestone, OD Green, and Millstone. Please fill out a new form for each individual kennel or top tray you would like to order.

Any specialty color order forms will also be on this page if they are open. At this time, there are no open specialty colors. We have placed our GoGreen order.  

Once orders are placed, invoices are sent and deposit of half of your kennel is due within 14 days of the invoice being sent. That secures your kennel purchase. If a deposit is not received, the kennel will be sold to the general public after 14 days. Payment in full is due prior to picking up the kennel.

Please email [email protected] or call or text 336-770-8994 with any questions or issues with kennel purchases.

 We expect specialty color delivery to take a minimum of 2-4 months to be delivered.

Standard color kennel orders are always open. We typically order around the 15th of every month, but usually have some stock kennels available. Please fill out the order form and if we have what you are looking for in stock or coming we will let you know. We expect any stock orders to arrive within 2 months of ordering.

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